Hello, We are Mooch. Handcrafting since 2015

Mooch started out in 2015 with an aim to merge quirky designs with handcrafted products and provide customers with a premium product.

It all started with a boy’s passion to make something that fed his creativity. Shubham, the co-founder of Mooch, used to design notebooks. It was his way of unleashing his creativity. But to his surprise, his unique notebooks amassed a huge number of fans. His friends were his first customers. Later, when he went to Italy to pursue higher studies, Shubham did the same. He designed notebooks that swept his classmates off their feet. He took orders and imported the products to Italy! That’s how he self-funded his studies.

When he returned to India, Shubham had already realized his calling. He launched Mooch along with his friend Mukund Mundhra. Today, Mooch is one of the leading brands in India for customized products. It sells a wide range of items. What makes Mooch so special and different from its counterparts? The founders unravel the story.


Shubham is a designer, traveler, entrepreneur and a spiritual seeker. He studied product design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arte, Milano, Italy. He likes to say, “I’m a product designer by profession but an artist by experience.” When he’s not busy in the studio, he likes to give his creativity an outlet through photography and poetry. After multiple stints in different creative roles exploring graphic design as well as interior design, Shubham felt the urge to do something of his own. This entrepreneurial spirit combined with his love of stationery gave birth to Mooch.
Mukund Mundhra's entrepreneurial zeal has always spurred him from boyhood. From pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from NMIMS to channeling his baniya acumen, he co-founded Mooch Design Studio. His personal belief in commanding the best quality at the least cost now drives his professional pursuit. As he adored the genius of Steve Jobs, he fathomed the power of shrewd marketing and is now pursuing MBA-Marketing at MICA. You can always strike conversations with him over good food and long drives.
Gaurav Rochani
Gaurav is the co-founder of Mooch Design Studio. Immensely talented; he is professionally an Illustrator, Animator and Graphic Designer. He has worked on various challenging projects from different industries and verticals and has a versatile experience that helps him approach his work with inspiring confidence and eagerness of going beyond what is expected with every project that he undertakes. His eclectic personality helps him visualize abstract concepts and ideas that help create a brand that tells a story. Gaurav and Shubham have known each other for over a decade and worked upon several projects together. Their bonding binds and compliments each other and helps execute every project in complete synergy.

Mooch Team members

Vidhi Shah
Brand Manager
Vidhi is an exemplary role model for all her colleagues at Mooch. She was unafraid to embrace the opportunity to get on board with Mooch.She champions the idea of high integrity with all the tasks she undertakes and is a person who has positively helped transform many of her colleagues with the contagiously positive passion.
Manasvi Kelambekar
Studio Manager & Artisan
Manasvi is the backbone of craft and packaging line at Mooch. She isn’t an atypical industry professional who always had experience in this line of business. She is someone who took the challenge head on when she got the opportunity. She joined us in the year 2018 and craftsman.In the past 4 years of association she has contributed to the growth of Mooch to Mooch every step of the way and the story continues…
Shahid Khatri
Graphic Designer
Shahid is a graphic designer who is certified by ‘MAC’ a renowned designing institute. His journey with Mooch has been that of predestined apprentice. Shahid in all his previous professional journeys often stumbled upon the name of ‘Mooch’ and it’s founder Shubham Singhania and for the longest time awaited the day he would get to be a part of this organization that he had heard all about during his professional career.Shahid’s goal is to continue growing with the organization and intends to offer extended support in the long term goals.
Divij Vinod
Brand Manager & Content Writer
Divij has had an identical journey to that of Shahid’s. He takes care of business coordination on behalf of Mooch and is the SPOC for e-commerce platform logistics and also writes content for Mooch for its social media handles. Divij is a fiction literature fan who is always eager to learn new ways to become proficient at work and life.

5000+ Diaries Customized

More than 5000 customers have etched their own designs on our handcrafted diaries.

100+ Artist Collaborations

Since our inception we have collaborated with more than 100 artists.

45000 strong community

We have grown to have a following of 45 thousand people on Instagram.

50+ Corporate Clients

More than 50 businesses have trusted us for their gifting needs.